Like a great Chief of Staff, software helps senior leaders in complex organizations implement plans successfully. Here’s how: flexibly adapts to your unique plan and empowers your people to handle more complexity while staying aligned with, and focused on your priorities. We create a social network focused on plan execution that engages and harnesses your team’s collective intelligence. You receive briefings 24/7 based on real-time feedback from your front lines.

What makes unique? is an elegant senior management tool unlike any other in the marketplace today. Here’s what makes us unique:

We Support Complexity is specifically designed to support complex organizations with multiple layers, especially across all functional areas.

Two-Way Communication is specifically designed for an organization’s senior leaders, yet enables enhanced two-way communications and connection to strategic initiatives for all levels of staff within the organization. This dramatically increases success in delivering your plans.

Fully Customizeable is highly customizable and fully adaptable to any client plans and environments. There are no rigid templates. Our software integrates with your organization – not the other way around.

Fully Compatible With Your Other Programs is compatible with and sits above any project management product(s) currently in place. This eliminates the need for a major shift away from systems already deployed and the need for broad-scale new user education.

Onboarding Support includes onboarding support.’s experts take your plans and fully onboard them onto the platform. We set you up within 30 business days or less so you can easily gain a clear line of sight across your organization.

Lower Per-User Cost offers an unlimited user license option to ensure all employees who should be part of a planning community are connected, at a low per-user cost.

What Drives Your Strategy? Helps You Structure Your Plan and Link Initiatives to Priorities

The power of’s solution: First, we help you organize and structure the main categories of your strategic plan, like creating the chapters of a book. Your strategic initiatives are then mapped to these “driver” categories and linked to the most important priorities of your business. This allows your strategic initiatives to be assigned and tracked across your organization and teams. This is what we mean by making them actionable or “operationalized”. gives your teams a platform to provide status updates on their assigned initiatives.. A full array of custom reports and heat maps are easily generated, no matter how complex, diverse or numerous your business units are. That means you can easily view progress on all your goals and priorities.


Once identified, strategic initiatives are prioritized and assigned to team members who can update their status in real time.

Strategy At a Glance

Get an Overview or Drill Down

We begin with your overall strategic goals in each business unit and then establish drivers which in turn house initiatives to support those goals. Once your plans are structured, our intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard allows you to access all of your plan data in any form that’s relevant to you.

The Priority view enables you to see all enabling initiatives from across functions and business lines.

The Priority view enables you to see all enabling initiatives from across functions and business lines.


Use the Summary view to see your strategic plans from one business or one staff area in one glance. Or drill down to focus only on those initiatives requiring immediate attention.

Socialize It

Your team members update the status of their assigned initiatives in the shared interface, increasing transparency and accountability. Perhaps most importantly,’s dashboard allows each team member to see how their assignments relate to overall plan drivers and strategy.


An easy-to-use pop-up screen allows instant text updates and links to external files for reference .

profile’s social interface means your staff engage with one another across corporate boundaries…and out of the silo.

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