What Leaders Are Saying About

“ is an innovative solution that gives senior executives in organizations a snapshot look at implementation and an overview of the strategic plan. Nothing has existed quite like this before. Everybody has a need for”

Gary Bennett, CEO, Seguros Monterrey New York Life

“ revolutionized the CRM space. is revolutionizing the execution and accountability space. The benefits of this are: incredible improvements in business performance; dramatic improvement in productivity; dramatic improvement in your bottom line.”

– Steve Schmidt, former President, Office Depot International

What I love about—and I’ve had the chance to run some complex, large organizations—is that whether I’m on a runway in Bali, a boardroom in New York, or I’m in the middle of a meeting with a customer, I can access, in real time, virtually, where my company stands on every single goal and objective in the strategic plan. That kind of visibility is not available to any CEO today that I know.

– Chris Stevens, Cofounder, Keurig Coffee

Zodiac Parachute and Protection is using the platform as an essential tool for the realization of our vision and objectives. has improved our management system by promoting visibility, establishing clear accountability, and making status communications easy and real time.

– John J. Smith, President of Zodiac Parachute and Protection America