Jun 03 Strategy Execution with Built-In Resilience

For at least two decades, we have talked about how executives have to lead in a VUCA-world: a world that is increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. With today’s global pandemic and the resulting economic and social crisis, C-suite executives have to demonstrate that they are up to the task. ChiefofStaff.com’s cloud-based strategy execution software enables C-suite executives to lead in today’s VUCA world. They can lead strategy execution with a cloud-based system flexibly and make complexity manageable for themselves and their workforce. Top management who introduce a cloud-based strategy execution system:

1. Empower their managers and employees with better direction and focus.
2. Communicate strategy initiatives and progress on these initiatives in an integrated and compelling fashion.
3. Effectively integrate many other digitized systems such as ERP, Accounting, Sales. and HR systems
4. Create a resilient workforce that can quickly adapt to external shocks such as the Covid-19 crisis in a disciplined and controlled fashion.

More control and better delegation – empowering the workforce

Our cloud-based strategy execution system offers 24/7 company-wide insight into the strategic initiatives and their progress towards completion. Cross-functional dependencies are transparent, and cross-functional leadership and coordination are part of the system. The result is more control – not the type of control that suffocates and micromanages, but that instead liberates and unleashes the creative potential of the workforce to deliver results. The company-wide transparency of the objectives, milestones, networks of people involved in projects, and accountability provides both more control and delegation to an empowered workforce. Clarity of purpose and direction brings out the best in people!

Real-time and laser-sharp communication of strategic initiatives and tracking progress

Because the cloud-based strategy execution system provides a 24/7 overview and a built-in progress review of the strategic initiatives’ accomplishments, everyone knows what the focus of work must be. Updates happen in real-time. There is no room – or excuse – for ambiguity or misunderstandings. Moreover, monthly and quarterly review meetings no longer need hours of preparations with endless PowerPoints because the system shows what milestones are achieved and not achieved in real-time. Executives can drill deeper if they want to. Progress reviews are productive and become solution-focused reviews that move strategy implementation forward. Real-time updates make it possible to fine-tune decisions quickly and precisely.

Integration that serves C-Suite executives

Today, sophisticated digital systems capture critical business processes. From Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to HR, Sales, and Accounting systems – they all have unique user interfaces, access rights, and ways to extract useful information. ChiefofStaff.com software for enterprise C-Suites is the first system that captures a critical leadership process. Our software allows for the input and access of all the other digital systems that are in use if and when necessary. But it keeps the C-suite interface simple, customizable, and straightforward for the executives’ ever-evolving needs. Executives can always drill down to the levels of the ERP or sales forecasting system if they want. The enterprise strategy execution system does not replace these function-specific systems. Instead, it integrates these systems without changing them. What results is more insight, oversight, and foresight – knowing where strategy execution succeeds and derails based on real-time information.

Creating a resilient workforce

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic is an example of an external shock requiring many C-suite executives to reset their strategic imperatives quickly. Because ChiefofStaff.com communicates directly with every user, the reformulation of strategic initiatives communicates to them instantly. New initiatives, new key performance indicators, names of executives who lead strategic initiatives, new or adjusted objectives, rescheduled milestones—all communicate in an instant. The workforce can then refocus their work effectively and quickly. They are not held captive by unproductive uncertainty that can have paralyzing effects – instead, they know what to do.

C-suite leaders have at least two critical leadership processes. First, they must formulate and choose strategic initiatives and objectives. Strategy consultants often support C-suite executives with this process. Second, they must lead the strategy execution. That is where ChiefofStaff.com shines and offers unique value by supporting the C-suite in a VUCA world with an inclusive leadership style-based system that gradually becomes part of the company culture.

Boudewijn Bertsch is a member of the Board of Advisors for Chiefofstaff.com and a thought-leader on Inclusive Leadership. ChiefofStaff.com is the first and only strategy execution software designed for enterprise C-Suites. Learn more about Chiefofstaff.com’s enterprise C-Suite collaboration software at Chiefofstaff.com