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From the Harvard Business Review…

Executional excellence is the number one challenge facing corporate leaders today. 

Years of research on strategy execution, and why it has been failing in companies around the world, revealed five myths:

Myth 1 – Execution Equals Vertical Alignment

Chiefofstaff.com Solution: Alignment requires not just vertical but horizontal integration. Chiefofstaff.com takes strategy out of the silo and coordinates it across all business units, facilitating cross-functional activities that work together.

Myth 2 – Execution Means Sticking with the Plan or Budget

Chiefofstaff.com Solution: Flexibility is crucial. Chiefofstaff.com increases agility and adaptability, enabling managers and employees at every level to take advantage of fleeting opportunities, while staying on mission.

Myth 3 – Communication Equals Understanding

Chiefofstaff.com Solution: Communication requires a platform to bring ongoing progress to life. The Chiefofstaff.com dashboard enables crisp updates that distill communication to utter simplicity in real time, so “less is more.”

Myth 4 – Performance Culture Equals Execution

Chiefofstaff.com Solution: Execution requires visibility across the planning community. Chiefofstaff.com creates a culture of transparency, accountability and teamwork. There’s no hiding, or relying on past performance.

Myth 5 – Execution Should be Driven from the Top

Chiefofstaff.com Solution: Distributed leadership must be enabled to drive success. Managers closest to the situation can respond most quickly and effectively. Chiefofstaff.com facilitates distributed leadership.

Chiefofstaff.com is your solution.

Adapted and reprinted with permission from “Why Strategy Execution Unravels–and What to Do About It” by Donald Sull; Rebecca Homkes; and Charles Sull. Harvard Business Review, March 2015.

Access the current status of all initiatives across your organization, anytime, from anywhere…when you need it


Aligns all leaders and initiatives across the organization in a shared vision with a clear definition of success.


Engages all your people to make their work visible, strengthens their personal accountability and ties their initiatives to larger goals and priorities.


Enables leaders at all levels to transcend complexity and implement plans collaboratively to achieve the inherent promise of the organization’s collective intelligence.

Learn how Chiefofstaff.com can help you deliver on your plans.